• Less Plastico, More Canvaso.

    That’s our tagline. We process a variety of unique fabrics into various bag models. The most widely used is canvas and its variants; ranging from heavy canvas to the light one.


  • Burlap Exploration

    Rustic look, various models, Print, & others.

    Unique texture, knit, rustic impression, applied into a creative work.


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  • Hot Mama
    02 Feb 2018 | 0 Comment
    Hot Mama Wallet Custom Organizer Wallet, Organizer Personal Wallet, Souvenir, Wedding favor, Gift Oxford Canvas 25 x 22…
  • Extra Mile
    31 Jan 2018 | 0 Comment
    Extra Mile Custom Personal Souvenir Tote Bag Tote bag Souvenir, Gift, wedding Favor Blacoo Canvas Custom Floral Design…
  • All That Glitter
    30 Jan 2018 | 0 Comment
    Burlap Jute Custom Tote Bag All That Glitter Tote bag, goody bag Souvenir, Packaging Ideas, Corporate Branding, Customer…
  • Wewe Terakhir
    29 Jan 2018 | 0 Comment
    Ini Wewe Terakhir Custom Burlap Tote Bag Tote Bag, Goody Bag, Sling Bag Model Souvenir, Wedding Favor, Gift,…
  • Cargill Burlap Bag
    28 Jan 2018 | 0 Comment
    Cargill Burlap Totebag Souvenir Seminar Totebag Totebag Work Natural Look and Green 38 x 30 x 15 cm…
  • Spatula Burlap Pack
    27 Jan 2018 | 0 Comment
    Spatula Burlap Pack Custom Burlap Pack Case Pack Work Souvenir, Wedding favor, Gift, Packaging Ideas Natural Burlap Custom…


Tote Bag, Pouch, Drawstring, Sling Bag, and Souvenir