Less Plastico, More Canvaso.

That’s our tagline. We process a variety of unique fabrics into various bag models. The most widely used is canvas and its variants; ranging from heavy canvas to the light one.

Souvenir, Tote Bag

one of kimibag various canvas exploration


Burlap Exploration

The interesting thing is the texture of burlap, knit, classic and unique impression when applied into a creative work. Various burlap ranging from natural burlap (with its vintage impression), bleached burlap that seem more bright and clean, colored burlap and other.


burlap and canvas combination with manual screen printing as a promotional bag


Leather and suede.

leather and suede also became one of our exploration project. In a word, anything natural that create beauty, vintage, unique, and green.

Suede Wine Pouch

Kimibag Suede Exploration into such beauty wine pouch with gold manual screen printing


Bag Models

Tote bag, Goody Bag, Sling, Drawstring, Pouch, Wallet, Case, Tumbler, Backpack, Clutch, Laundry Bag, and so forth. You can even request a custom model that you want through our BAG BY ORDER services. The feature makes you as a creative designer of your own bag.


violet suede backpack, still there’s so many models that fit your event puposes


Printing Menu

Make your bag more attractive with your design printing. Through manual screen printing techniques, digital printing, Direct to Garment or DTG, embroidery, and other

burlap pouch

kimibag burlap digital printing



More and more, arrange your accessories, button, zipper, zipper puller models. Brand it with your labels, hang tags, greeting, packaging model, and other things to enhance your bag detail.

Natural Soap

kimibag-spatula Natural Handmade Coffee Soap project





Tote Bag, Pouch, Drawstring, Sling Bag, and Souvenir
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