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Ethnic Lurik Pouch
Ethnic Lurik Pouch
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This is Ethnic Lurik Pouch that you can choose your own style, size, or prints. Just tell us about your ideas and we make a CUSTOM ORDER for you. Email us or chat us about the personalization as your gift, wedding souvenir, brand packaging, so that we can add free cute post card.

Ethnic Javanese Lurik Pouch
  • Custom pouch
  • Javanese Lurik Pattern
  • 10 x 21 cm
  • Special string
  • Digital Print Label
  • Souvenir, Branding pouch, Packaging ideas
  • Open to your custom | Made to order

Lurik weaving fabrics as an aesthetic element in this pouch is our new project. Just like another work “Lurik Wallet” in this site. The fabric in this pouch is either Batik or Tenun: Indonesia’s heritage (Klaten Regency).

This Ethnic Lurik Pouch is very practical, washable, fold-able, but not waterproof.

It was made for bringing easiness and bright colors into your life. You absolutely need this pouch if you love traveling and festivals, want to put all things in order, dreaming about having colorful detail in your look, adore handmade stuff, like unique things, and looking for adorable and useful gifts.