Lurik Wallet

Lurik Wallet
Lurik Wallet
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It’s a handmade, tenun, stripes, lurik wallet. We are trying to explore lurik art. An Indonesian creative industries in Klaten. Lurik as one of the traditional weaving fabrics in Indonesia. And now we are combining burlap and local ethnic elements, which are very attractive for our local and foreign customer.

The survival of lurik weaving in our city, Klaten regency as the capital of lurik weaving. There are countless villages that become centers of lurik craftsmen.

Kimibag Lurik Artwork
Kimibag Lurik wallet Artwork

This traditional weaving, motives, colors is an aesthetic element in this wallet. On the previous occasion, we have tried to process lurik into pouch, please refer to it here.

It is 26 cm (10.2 inch) x 19 cm (7,4 inch) with thickness less than 0.4 cm and weight less than 9 grams (thin and light). Inner layered, personalized logo print and zippered. Yet open to your custtom. This Lurik wallet will be a great helper when you want to put a lot of your stuff into a small pouch and have your hands free. A cell phone, money, credit cards, a passport, etc. This Lurik Wallet is roomy enough for all these items.