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Burlap Sling Bag
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KIMIBAG presents a burlap sling bag. The main ingredient is natural burlap. Get more detail our burlap work here. We combine its unique, rugged texture with leather. The typographic design uses the character Sans-Serif. Digital print method so that it can close pores. Less Plastico,More Canvasokimibag Sling Bag & wallet setNatural Burlap & Syn-LeatherLeather StrapInner layeredSchool Bag, Fashion Bag, Souvenir This sling bag is casual, rustic and unique in style. Which can be used as a school bag, event souvenir,…

KIMIBAG Burlap Sleeve
Rustic Burlap Bags
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Rustic burlap custom ideas for your rustic burlap decoration. We made it from burlap fabric. This rustic jute ornaments bags is great as your wedding favor ideas. As Pouch bag, New normal kit pouch, burlap pouch packaging, etc. Burlap Favor Bags, Wedding Gift Bags, Natural Rustic Linen Bags, Rustic gift bags, Country wedding, Burlap wedding, Candy Bags jewelry bags Rustic Burlap Bags Overview Handmade item Model: Sleeve/ Pouch/ Wallet/ Organizer Natural and Bleached Burlap 13 x 13 cm Polka, retro,…